Agents Professional Indemnity Insurance

Agents Professional indemnity insurance is also known as PI insurance which can protect you if there is a problem with your advice or professional service which results in a claim made by one of your clients.

Professional indemnity provides cover for financial compensation you may be liable to pay in order to correct a mistake or cover any legal costs due to negligence.

Cover information

Our Agents Professional indemnity cover insurance protects you against risks such as:

Cover Scenario
Negligence Falling in your 'duty of care' to your client, such as giving incorrect advice or making a mistake in your work.


Unintentional infringement of copyright, trademarks or broadcasting rights.
Loss of Professional Documents/Data Includes damaged, missing or destroyed data belonging to a client or business while in your possession.
Dishonesty A director, employee or self-employed freelancer contracted to you is involved in a theft from the client.
Defamation Using or producing any material about other companies that may cause offence and that risks going beyond the intended internal audience.










Unless you have the adequate resources to pay any compensation including any legal costs, it is a good idea to be covered under an agent professional indemnity insurance policy. Having the right insurance can protect you and your finances in the event that there is an error or omission you may be liable for.

Purchasing agents professional indemnity insurance

When working out the right level of cover for your business, you should consider the maximum compensation that could be awarded against you.

As a guide, before you buy agents insurance you should:-

  • Compare the limit of indemnity with your annual fee income
  • Find out what level of cover your clients expect
  • Check any exclusions or endorsements applicable
  • Are aware of all excesses on the policy you may be liable for
  • Declare all material information correctly including any claims history


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