Office Contents Insurance

Your office is the platform for your business to grow and succeed, therefore protecting the contents within is essential. Office contents insurance gives the option to cover the following:-

  • Electronic Business Equipment - Computers, Photocopiers and similar
  • Contents away from the office - Laptops, tablets, extermal hardrives
  • Fixtures & Fittings - Internal amendments to the premises
  • Furniture - Desks, Chairs, Tables
  • Machinery - Non electronic equipment
  • Documents - Important files
  • Money - Cash held at the premises


Even if you already have agents insurance, contact IMS for an objective second opinion.

You'll discover our service to be personal, friendly and flexible to satisfy your insurance needs.

You may discover we can offer you something way better than what you already have.

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Structuring a deal Negotiating around a table Agent with briefcase

Structuring a Deal

Negotiating Around a Table

Agent with Briefcase